Hello, I'm

Sergio Bellon

After years of experience at international marketplaces such as Justeat, Easyroommate and Yoopies I am starting my own consulting agency,

My services combine Conversion Rate Optimisation and Digital Analytics to leverage the full potential of your website or app. We focus on the end user by understanding barriers and optimising their user journey.

Are you interested in The Power of Analytics? 

Years of experience

My career has shift from marketing analytics to product analytics. Able to build and measure sources of acquisition or finding flaws and improvements on the user journey towards conversion.

Areas of expertise

Conversion Rate Optimisation - Data Visualisation - App Analytics - Web Analytics - Search Engine Optimization - CRM and User Retention - User Acquisition


Interesting facts about my clients
Online Economies

I take pride in delivering Intelligent Analytics and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World. 


With a rich tecnical background in computer science and deep business knowledge of online economies. I thrive on problem solving and working with clients to seek out the best possible design solution.

  • Strong focus on creating value

  • Deep understanding of online businesses

  • Strategic approach on solving problems

  • Pro-team player

  • Familiar with distributed team work

  • Fluent in three languages

  • Multi-culture background

My Process


An analysis of the problem and the potential gains comes first to define a clear strategy and goals of the project.


An exhaustive analysis of the early results will be performed. I tend to keep KPIs extremely simple to have a single common goal towards success.,


Executing the tasks on a lean approach to get valuable results the fastest we can.


The most important step of the process. We tweak the strategy based on the results to focus on what matters the most for the users.

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